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Period Poverty Awareness Week

Updated: Jun 3

In over 5.6 million Filipino families living in poverty recorded as of 2022, women- menstruators and future menstruators, struggle to afford menstrual products.

What is period poverty?

A lack of access to menstrual products and facilities, waste management, and education

Period Poverty Awareness week from

May 20-28, seeks to draw attention & help such menstruators gain access to their basic needs as a woman.

Period Poverty in the Philippines

A study by UNICEF and Emory College in the Masbate province found that so many Filipina women and young girls suffer from period poverty due to:

  • Inadequate wash facilities in school

  • Lack of knowledge & support for girls on menstruation + misinformation due to traditional beliefs and myths

  • Lack of access to Menstrual Products due to finance and/or availability in the area

Period Poverty leads to the hindering of education and daily activities for young girls, and for women, missing work and opportunities for growth.

How Filipinos in period poverty manage their menstruation:

Free bleeding *allowing bleeding without using any menstrual products

Usage of anything that can seep or absorb blood, such as old cloths, rags, socks, newspapers, or even a cardboard box

How can we empower those affected by period poverty?

  1. Open conversations about menstruation without shame or fear

  2. Share & donate menstrual products

  3. Educate yourself and others on menstrual health and hygiene

  4. Support & Advocate for Menstrual Hygiene initiatives and programs


Help a girl out! Pledge a pad with Nala Woman.

Nala Woman works with partner organizations from university organizations to NGO’s to collect and distribute eco-friendly sanitary napkins every month to schools, orphanages, and women’s shelters around the Philippines. Spare Php 100 to Pledge a Pad to donate a pad to a girl in need!

Your support ensures that every woman and girl has access to menstrual hygiene products.


Educate yourself on Menstrual & overall Women's Health. Ask the Hati Health Bot!

From menstrual wellness tips to personalized advice, we've got you covered. Learn more about your menstrual health and help others learn more about theirs!

Share this resource to spread knowledge and awareness on all things woman’s health!


Initiate & Support Menstrual Health Initiatives in your Environments.

The Hati Menstrual Health Program aims to help and care for female employees in the workplace through promoting Women's Health accessibility in the workplace through employer provided initiatives such as a menstrual products vending machine, and menstrual health education many more.

Encourage your employer to foster an inclusive workforce by supporting through supporting Women's Health in the workplace.


Hati Health is a digital platform for women, providing on-demand access to products and services, including telehealth, symptom checking, holistic wellness plans and education.

We believe that being able to talk openly about women's healthcare and bringing appropriate solutions will inspire women to achieve their fullest potential in their personal and professional lives.

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