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  • What is Hati Health?
    Hati Health is a digital platform for families, providing on-demand access to a network of healthcare providers instantly, via video or private message. We are committed to empowering women through innovative products and services, including symptom checking, holistic wellness plans and education. Through a carefully curated platform, we aim to provide tailored support and resources that address their unique health and well-being needs. Our mission is to foster a community of strength, resilience, and empowerment, ensuring that every Filipina woman has access to the tools and guidance she needs to thrive. Join us in embracing wellness, connection, and empowerment, one step at a time. We believe that being able to talk openly about women's healthcare and bringing appropriate solutions will inspire women to achieve their fullest potential in their personal and professional lives.
  • Who is Hati Health for?
    Designed for women seeking to elevate their well-being, Hati Health offers a transformative journey towards holistic wellness and preventative healthcare. Dive into a world of personalized support, expert guidance, and empowering resources tailored to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. We work with businesses across all industries to offer competitive healthcare offerings for their employees. We can provide help and solutions, so your people can remain at their best, every day. Even if your employer is not working with us, you can still use our services and Wellness Assistant. But to make a meaningful impact within your workplace, help us connect with your HR Department and share your experience with your colleagues.
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