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Your Most Trusted Solution for Women's Health in the Philippines

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A holisitic approach to your health and wellness needs
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A dedicated platform for women's health guiding you through different stages of your life 

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Instant Information and seamless access to health experts at your fingertips!



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Looking for health plans for your company?

Discover how our flexible healthcare benefits can attract and retain top talent for your organization. Let's chat about elevating your organization's healthcare approach! 

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Hati Health offers comprehensive care for women across all life stages, and for everyone planning, starting, and raising a family. We harness the best of technology to deliver a higher quality of care, online and offline. Our holistic care empowers your workforce to take control of their health, and achieve the best version of themselves. 

A healthcare benefit that matches your needs. 

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Convenient and available all the time

Providing you with smart recommendations and insightful tips:

  • Chat anytime, anywhere and get swift and reliable answers to your health queries 

  • Available 24/7, for round-the-clock support 

  • Enjoy  discreet conversations, where your health concerns are addressed in private  

  • Use our intuitive Symptom Checker for tailored health insights and personalized advice 

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