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Study Reveals the Profound Impact of PCOS on Workplace Productivity

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) has emerged as a significant hurdle for women in the workplace, according to a recent study published by a US virtual care platform. Affecting one in every 10 women worldwide, PCOS not only disrupts women's professional lives but also underscores the urgent need for better healthcare support and increased awareness.

Hati Health illustration did you know, PCOS
PCOS is difficult to diagnose: there is no single diagnostic test and symptoms change over time

The study, which focused on 1,000 American women diagnosed with PCOS, unveiled startling statistics regarding the condition's impact on workplace productivity. More than half of the participants reported missing work due to PCOS, emphasizing the disruptive nature of the hormonal disorder on their professional commitments.

Furthermore, a staggering 72% of women revealed that PCOS adversely affected the quality of their work, with over 50% feeling that it hindered their career progression. Distinct disparities were observed among different demographic groups, for example those lacking health insurance, and individuals dissatisfied with their PCOS care being more prone to work absences.

This study is very much in line with our own observations and work with leading employers in the Philippines. We have heard women suffering from PCOS expressing their frustration at the quality of care, cost of medication and ongoing visits to different specialists and lack of comprehensive support for women dealing with chronic hormonal conditions.

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This study comes at a crucial point, confirming the need for more comprehensive approaches to support women navigating this challenging condition. By addressing healthcare gaps and fostering greater awareness even within the workplace, we can ensure that women with PCOS receive the necessary support to thrive both personally and professionally.

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We believe that being able to talk openly about women's healthcare and bringing appropriate solutions will inspire women to achieve their fullest potential in their personal and professional lives.

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