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Hati Health partners with Nala Woman

Updated: Feb 7

Collaborating for Women's Health

In the Philippines, women often face numerous obstacles in accessing proper healthcare, leading to undiagnosed and untreated health issues. Hati Health, an innovative platform, is stepping up to address these challenges and empower women by providing accessible and reliable healthcare solutions. In collaboration with Nala Woman, a period-care brand committed to women's empowerment and sustainability, this partnership aims to create a comprehensive approach to women's health, focusing on both physical well-being and environmental impact.

Hati Health's Role in Women's Empowerment:

Hati Health recognizes the pressing need to break down barriers preventing women from accessing healthcare.

  • 24/7 access to personalized advice

  • addressing specific women's health issues, including Endometriosis, PCOS, menopause, and fertility problems

  • access to information

  • access to medical professional for telehealth sessions and consultations.

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One of the critical aspects of Hati Health's solution is its commitment to reducing financial burdens on women. By making routine checkups and screenings more affordable, the platform aims to mitigate the financial strain associated with women's healthcare. This not only enhances women's physical well-being but also promotes health equality by making healthcare more accessible and equitable for all.

Nala Woman's Commitment to Women's Empowerment and Sustainability:

Nala Woman, a prominent period-care brand, complements Hati Health's mission with its unwavering commitment to women's empowerment and sustainability. The brand stands out in the industry by offering biodegradable and 100% cotton products, including pads, pantyliners, and tampons. Nala Woman's focus on sustainability not only benefits the environment but also aligns with its dedication to providing women with high-quality and comfortable menstrual care items.

The use of biodegradable and 100% cotton products ensures that women not only have access to safe and reliable menstrual care but also contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. Nala Woman's commitment to sustainability resonates with the broader movement towards eco-friendly practices and responsible consumer choices.

The Synergy:

The collaboration between Hati Health and Nala Woman creates a powerful synergy in addressing women's health comprehensively. By combining Hati Health's accessible healthcare solutions with Nala Woman's commitment to sustainable period care, the partnership aims to uplift and empower women across the Philippines. The shared vision of both organizations contributes to a holistic approach to women's health, emphasizing accessibility, affordability, empowerment, and sustainability.

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In the face of significant healthcare challenges for women in the Philippines, the collaboration between Hati Health and Nala Woman emerges as a beacon of hope. By providing accessible healthcare solutions and sustainable period care, these organizations work towards a future where every Filipina can confidently navigate her health journey. The joint effort not only supports individual well-being but also contributes to a larger movement advocating for women's empowerment, health equality, and environmental sustainability in the Philippines. Through this collaboration, Hati Health and Nala Woman are paving the way for positive change and creating a brighter, healthier future for women in the Philippines.

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