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🌟 Hati Health: Bridging Gaps in Women's Healthcare at the Workplace 🌟

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As a value-added resource to modern Philippine Employers, Hati Health announces its Employer Resource Center, which includes reports and insights on how to support women's health at the workplace.

In line with our commitment to empowering women's healthcare in the workplace, Hati Health has launched its Employer Resource Center. Targeted at employers of any size and industry, C-Suite, HR leaders, and other professionals, this Employer Knowledge Center includes comprehensive reports and toolkits for employers on how to best support their teams’ healthcare journey and needs. This new offering is an addition to Hati Health’s innovative products and services, including telehealth, doctor’s consultations, diagnostics, and our very own Hati chatbot for women of all ages. The Philippines has the highest percentage globally in terms of senior management roles, according to Grant Thornton. A remarkable 43% of senior management roles are held by women. Hati Health recognizes this pivotal role that women play in the workforce and the unique health challenges they face. Hati Health collaborates with employers to foster supportive workplace cultures through inclusivity initiatives, health awareness campaigns, and comprehensive healthcare support for employees, ultimately enhancing productivity and employee retention, by offering accessible, comprehensive, and compassionate healthcare for women. Organizations that provide comprehensive women's health support can attract and retain top talent, foster a diverse and inclusive workforce, and enhance employee well-being and satisfaction. Providing the tools, resources, and access to comprehensive healthcare solutions needed to support the well-being of the female workforce, employers not only demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being but also stand to reap significant benefits in terms of productivity, morale, and retention. In today's dynamic corporate environment, prioritizing employee well-being is not just a matter of social responsibility; it's also a strategic imperative. By offering flexible and tailored health support, and access to information and resources, we can create a supportive environment that empowers female employees to navigate their health journey while thriving professionally! To this end, Hati Health provides accessible, holistic, and continuous care throughout women’s life journey and conditions, from women’s annual screenings, to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Menopause.

As such an innovative benefit for women, Hati Health collaborates with existing Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans, to ensure women of all ages and medical conditions have access to quality healthcare services at affordable rates, prioritizing primary, proactive, and preventative care. Typically, women spend 18% more in out-of-pocket health expenses (excl. maternity), compared to men, which adds to their financial stress and anxiety around their health options and priorities. 

As part of our commitment to advancing the dialogue on women's health and workplace wellness, Hati Health is part of IMPACT '24, an annual project call by Sprout Solutions, the leading HRIS provider in the Philippines. 

Join us as we create more awareness around women’s health, and partner to offer targeted health solutions for a large market segment whose healthcare needs are still largely underserved and unmet. Whether you are an Executive, Business Owner or HR Leader, find out more how we can help your organization by clicking here. Contact us at [email protected] 



Hati Health offers a seamless and empowering experience for women through targeted health solutions, from seeking expert medical advice connecting with our doctors, diagnostic assessments, personalized and discreet conversations with Hati Bot, and specialized care plans from PCOS, Menopause, Mental Health, and other women’s health challenges. Our platform serves as a one-stop-shop for women's health and wellness needs, currently encompassing the Hati Marketplace connecting users with specialized health professionals; Hati Diagnostics offering specialized diagnostic packages. At its core, it features Hati Bot, an AI wellness assistant providing evidence-based health services and peer-reviewed knowledge through an intuitive chat interface for personalized consultations and symptom checking anytime, anywhere! Women now have unparalleled access to essential healthcare resources conveniently from their fingertips. For more information about Hati Health and its transformative women's health platform, please visit

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