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Empowering Women: Navigating Health & Wealth for Personal and Professional Success

Updated: Mar 11

🌟 Celebrate Women's Month with Hati Health! 🌟

Join us for an inspiring webinar celebrating the resilience of Filipinas in the workplace and at home, as we strive for success together.

This Women's Month, we're shining a spotlight on the incredible resilience of Filipinas in both their professional and personal lives. Despite facing various challenges, Filipino women continue to excel, breaking barriers and leading the way in business and leadership roles.

Did you know? According to P&A Grant Thornton’s annual Women in Business report, Filipina business leaders occupy an impressive 48% of senior management positions.

But amidst these achievements, one question remains: How do women manage to do it all?

Join us as we explore this question and more in our upcoming webinar. Our esteemed panel of experts will delve into the challenges faced by women executives in balancing work and family, while also providing practical strategies for looking after their mental, physical and financial health.


Let's spotlight our speakers, experts in their respective industries:

Shyne Mangulabnan, MA, RGC, Infinit Care

Shyne is a licensed counselor, and the Head of Clinical Care at Infinit Care. Shyne has extensive experience in workplace counseling, with years of training, consulting and counseling employees through employee assistance programs. Shyne has also held roles in guidance and counseling and has taught Psychology at Enderun Colleges and Entrepreneurs School of Asia. She was also a counseling psychologist at the Women’s Crisis Center where she conducted crisis intervention counseling for women and children who were victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology, Major in Guidance and Counseling and is currently completing her doctorate degree in Psychology for Family Studies.

Rosalia Gitau, Co Founder & CEO of Bixie

Rosalia Gitau, Esq. is a FinTech Executive, Attorney, Author, and Humanitarian. She is the co-founder and CEO of Bixie, an award-winning  Financial Technology company for women recognized as a Top FinTech company by The Manila Times, The Manila Bulletin, 1Million Startups, the Financial Alliance for Women, and Women’s World Banking ( Bixie Press Pack available here). 

Rosalia has over 15 years of international law, diplomacy and finance in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas with the United Nations, Alibaba, Shearman & Sterling, LLP, and the governments of the USA, Liberia and Sierra Leone. She is a PEN Award nominee and the co-founder of the Humanitarian Women’s Network, the  largest global network of women in international affairs. 

Rosalia is a Visiting Fellow at Zinc Venture Capital, a United Nations University and Brookings Institution scholar and sits on the Boards of HWN, and the  Global Women’s Telecom Network. She holds a BA from UCLA, an MSc from the London School of Economics and J.D. from New York University School of Law. Rosalia is a world-record holding mountaineer, marathoner, and sailor, living her best life in Thailand with her husband, daughters and labradors. She hails from the Philippines and Kenya, by way of California.

Aiai Garcia, Chief Strategy Officer of Hati Health:

Aiai is a femtech and women's health enthusiast. She is also the CEO of Nala Woman, the innovative menstrual products company, focusing on sustainability. Prior to Nala, Aiai held key positions in a Fintech and new technologies innovations-based company. 


About Hati Health

Hati Health is a digital platform for women, providing on-demand access to a network of healthcare providers instantly, via video or private message. We are also reaching women who are not ready to speak to medical professionals and looking for instant wellness assistance and tips, over our AI-powered chatbot. 

We are committed to empowering women through innovative products and services, including symptom checking, holistic wellness plans and education. Through a carefully curated platform, we aim to provide tailored support and resources that address their unique health and well-being needs. We offer general health support, curated packages for menopause, PCOS, endometriosis and more.

We believe that being able to talk openly about women's healthcare and bringing appropriate solutions will inspire women to achieve their fullest potential in their personal and professional lives.

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